About MxG Bedding

MxG Bedding is a super absorbent, highly sustainable, natural, chemical free, biodegradable bedding option for you and your horse!   MxG keeps horses more comfortable and healthier with much less dust than wood shavings and pellets.   Our bedding is softer, so horses are more likely to lay down and achieve full sleep cycles.  MxG absorbs four times its weight and traps odors associated with ammonia in horse stalls or anywhere pets produce pesky odors.  Miscanthus is three times more absorbent than wood shavings, due to the porous pith inside the Miscanthus cane.  MxG Bedding is additive free, dust extracted, and naturally carries less bacteria, helping horses and owners to breath cleaner air!  Miscanthus is a superior bedding for animals including horses, poultry, cattle and pets. The spongy inner core of the miscanthus stem is highly absorbent, biodegradable and hygienic, compared to other traditional bedding products. 

MxG Bedding is made from 100% finely chopped Miscanthus x Giganteous, a carbon negative renewable crop grown on marginal land.  Miscanthus is known as a "wonder crop", as the grass reaches over 12 feet tall each year and doesn't require replanting, fertilizer or pesticides.  It absorbs more carbon than it releases in its 20+ year lifetime and stores it in the earth, which helps to alleviate C02 pollution.  Miscanthus x Giganteous thrives even on the poorest land and enhances biodiversity and soil health. The natural biodegradable properties of miscanthus provides mineral nutrients for the soil and a neutral pH that does not acidify the soil unlike other mulches. This is an important aspect when disposing of MxG Bedding back to the ground, unlike nitrogen locking heaps of shavings.

Using MxG Bedding saves time and money while you breath cleaner air inside and outside of the barn!  Contact us today with questions or to place an order for MxG Bedding!