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The Original Pink Lady Wound Dressing is an FDA approved topical wound dressing for the treatment of minor and major cuts, scrapes, burns and abrasions on horses and dogs.  Pink Lady has been healing wounds for over three decades. It was developed by Lou Martella in Dallas, Texas over 30 years ago and has been healing all kinds of wound problems ever since. 

Pink Lady can be used on horses and dogs with minor and major cuts, scraps, burns or abrasions.  This product can also be used to close lacerations without suturing and can reduce both recovery time and scar formation.  Pink Lady also promotes hair growth back to original color. In combination with several ingredients, Pink Lady provides physical protection, controls tissue granulation and protects from insects.

Veterinary Approved

"In 33 years of equine practice I have seen hundreds of wound products for horses. Without a doubt the best overall remedy was a product called "Pink Lady". Pink Lady was good for minor scrapes and lacerations because it combined several ingredients that provided physical protection and controlled granulation tissue and insects in one easy to apply liquid. Recently I acquired a new supply of my old friend, "Pink Lady". After dispensing several bottles and using it in my hospital I am happy to report this is the same dependable medication that I remembered. I recommend that all horse owners keep a bottle nearby to treat those wounds that are sure to happen." - Jake Wells, DVM, Cibolo Valley Animal Hospital, Cibolo, Tx


"I am excited that the Original Pink Lady is available again! I was first exposed to this product when working as a stable help for Dr. Doyne Hamm in his equine practice before I entered veterinary school. It was there when I met Lou Martella, the original manufacturer and distributor of Pink Lady, for the first time. I saw many cases of serious wounds heal with daily application of Pink Lady. I personally have used Pink Lady in practice on both horses and dogs since 1978 with tremendous success. This is the single most important product for any type of open wound."Conely Byrd, DVM, Redfield Veterinary Service, Redfield, Ar 

 "I have used Pink Lady for over 30 years in my practice. Without a doubt, I have found this product to be the best for healing open wounds on most of my patients. Pink Lady made me rethink the question of suturing wounds verses treating them topically. We now treat 80% of lacerations without suturing and feel our healing time, recovery, and scar formation is less. Most all wound dehiscence presented to the practice are treated with Pink Lady with remarkable results. Our clients are so impressed with the product that they routinely purchase it to keep in their emergency kits. Thanks so much for continuing manufacturing of Pink Lady and for continuing Lou's legacy." - Gary W. Backeen, DVM, Cross Plains Equine & Anchor Road Veterinary Clinic, Angleton, Tx

For Use on Horses

An FDA approved topical wound dressing for treatment of minor and major cuts, scrapes, burns and abrasions. Promotes fast healing from inside out and hair growth with minimum scaring. Repels flies from wounds.

For Use on Dogs

For treatment of wounds, hot spots, sores, bites, cuts, abrasions and burns. Allows wound to heal from inside out.


Mineral oil, Zinc oxide, Silica, Titanium dioxide, Phenol, Camphor, Menthol, Balsam Peru, D & C Red #17