D&L's Mighty Twister

Twister was born on March 18, 2009 with a mission that is hard to explain unless you witnessed his life. Twister had the odds against him relating to health but this was part of his purpose. Twister was captivating, inspiring, hilarious, gorgeous, independent and loving. He lived his life like a whirlwind and no one could ever predict his next move. Twister's exceptional personality and zest for life, in the face of unbelievable obstacles, is what grew "his" internet tv channel to over 600,000 views and thousands of fans/friends. He won many hearts and he truly lived on the love from his family who stretched all over the world. He led us across thousands of miles (Minnesota, Tennessee, New York, and Texas) seeking the procedures he needed to save or extend his life. The source and amount of information that was needed to make these important decisions for Twister was like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Twisters life, his web tv family and the struggle for information were inspirations for the Veterinary TV Network (VetTv).  Twister passed away unexpectedly on June 8, 2010 but he will continue to have a positive influence through "his" network.

Thank you for visiting and reading Twister's story. We hope you enjoy the VetTv network and are able to easily gain valuable information at www.VetTv.net to improve your pet's health!

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